Helpful Kitchen Toys

Everyone has a different approach to becoming RAW.  I just dove right in and spent the first 18 months or so gathering new food items for my shelves, appliances (see Rigging for Raw), and recipes that we liked. Since we've made  the big purchases, we  have had some time browsing various stores for gadgets -- those little odds and ends that aren't costly, but that can help to streamline Raw Food Preparation. Here are some of my favorites.  Again, they are available at Amazon.  Just click below and browse.

Anyone who has been preparing raw and living foods for awhile will tell you that there is lots of cutting and chopping involved.  It is very helpful to have a few good sharp knives on hand to best accomplish your task. Some people like ceramic knives because they never need sharpening.  We invested in a good set of regular knives and have been pleased with them.  Getting some good quality knives before you get too far into the adventures of raw food preparation is a very worthwhile investment that will pay dividends in the long run.

I had never seen one of these before going raw, and now it's one of my very favorite helpers.  After chopping or slicing an amount of one ingredient or another, the food scoop makes lifting it all into a bowl or a food processor, or wherever it has to go  very quick and easy.  Trust me on this one!  You can but them very inexpensively in metal or plastic.  I have the metal variety, but have given plastic ones to family members.  They make nice little gifts!

I've had many vegetable peelers over the years.  Some I liked better than others, but when I discovered this little gem, it was a brand new world!  Who gets excited by a vegetable peeler??  I do - -when it's this slick version from Rada -- it simply has no equal, in my mind. You can get it in one of two sizes. I got the larger model, which has worked out just fine. Suit yourself, but with either size, for under $10 you get bonus after bonus with what light work becomes of preparing vegetables.

Perhaps the most fun of all, this little gadget enables us to make wonderful noodles out of fresh zucchini, summer squash and other vegetables.  It also  can make very attractive vegetable "ribbons" for visually enhancing plates appetizer or entree` plates.  My husband is the master of our spiralizer, and the grandchildren like to help make meals with it when they are about.  This is not an "absolute-have-to-have, but certainly adds some bizazz to your food preparation.

We use another spiralizer as well.  The spiralizer (above) makes very thin angel-hair-like noodles.  The other spiralizer makes more of a linguine weight noodle. which stands up a little better. does other things as well, and while we enjoy both machines, either one is a good place to start.  Here is an example of one, and there are others as well.  Amazon does have a good selection.  Click above or below to see the variety, and enjoy.  Whichever you choose, you'll have lots of fun with it.

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